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Unique Women Throughout Jewish History

From the ancient world to the modern, Judaism has included unique women leaders who sit silently in our history.

Light Up The Nights

Learn something new about Chanukah with some holiday resources from Rachael’s Centre.

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Dr. Rachael Turkienicz has championed inclusive and accessible Jewish education for more than 40 years, paving the way for a woman’s right to fully engage with all facets of Jewish study. Founder and Director of Rachael’s Centre for Torah, Mussar & Ethics, she continues to devote herself to building pluralistic, ethically driven communities of learning in Toronto and globally.

Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Miketz

This week’s parshah, Miketz, details Joseph’s life in Egypt.  Joseph is our Jewish ancestor who lives his life blending into the larger culture around him.  He holds his covenantal identity in his heart, but he appears outwardly like anyone else.     We love the details of the story because we all want to teach our

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Rachael’s Centre Chanukah Resources

Chanukah, also called Chag Urim, the Festival of Lights, occurs as the days are getting shorter and darkness grows through the winter.  Growing darkness can be frightening, and the candles represent the stability of knowledge, spirituality and our ability to help light the way for each other.  As we enjoy the candles each night, let’s

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vayeshev

This week’s Torah portion, Vayeshev, begins the Joseph narratives with all its beautiful complexities.  It begins by telling us that Joseph would bring bad reports of his brothers to his father, Jacob.  It then says that Jacob loves Joseph, and his brothers hate him. Most of the commentaries depict Joseph as privileged and spoiled —he

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vayishlach

This week’s Torah portion, Vayishlach, tells of Jacob wrestling with an angel, and receiving the name ‘Israel’.  The image of a person and an angel entangled with each other is both beautiful and empowering – and then the angel hits below the belt.  Needing to release himself, the angel targets Jacob’s thigh, injuring his sciatic

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Rachaels’ Thoughts on Parshat Vayetzei

This week’s Torah reading, Vayetzei, contains Jacob’s dream of a ladder to the sky with angels ascending and descending.  Jacob is fleeing from his brother, Esau, and must leave his home for the first time.  God pronounces covenant to Jacob, and promises him the land of Israel, and the wealth of descendants.  God also pledges

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Toldot

This Shabbat we read parshat Toldot, and the story of Jacob and his twin brother, Esau.  It is also the Shabbat before Remembrance Day, November 11, as we remember our Canadian soldiers and veterans.  It’s interesting that these two things speak to each other with relevance for today. The story of Jacob and Esau resonates

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