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Friday Morning Coffee

Fill your coffee mug and your spirit, joining Rachael live on Zoom for “Food For Our Neshama, Coffee For Me”, a jolt of inspiration and warm conversation.


This program runs weekly, excluding Civic and Jewish holidays, unless otherwise noted. 


Our Coffee series is on hiatus for the summer, please check back for when we resume in the fall. 

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Dr. Rachael Turkienicz has championed inclusive and accessible Jewish education for more than 40 years, paving the way for a woman’s right to fully engage with all facets of Jewish study. Founder and Director of Rachael’s Centre for Torah, Mussar & Ethics, she continues to devote herself to building pluralistic, ethically driven communities of learning in Toronto and globally.

Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vayera

Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vayera This week’s parshah, Vayera, contains powerful concepts, not just for the ancient world but for our modern one.  We hear of strangers visiting Abraham and Sarah, and we suspect they’re angels.  Today, we often encounter people and are left with the impression they are more than they appear.  We glimpse

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Lech Lecha

This week, we meet Judaism’s visionaries: Abraham and Sarah.  God reaches out with an invitation to take a journey: lech lecha.  It’s a Hebrew phrase that is often difficult to translate.  The first word, lech, is the command ‘go’, which we immediately recognize.  However, the second word, lecha, is out of place in this phrase. 

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Noah

Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Noah It takes ten generations for the world to move from Adam to Noah, ten generations to go from creation to destruction. Yet, ten generations after Noah, we will read of Abraham. Throughout the ages, Jewish commentaries have compared Noah and Abraham, as they represent such different portraits of a hero.

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Rachael’s Thoughts on parashat Bereishit

Rachael’s Thoughts on parashat Bereishit We have danced, celebrated, fasted, and prayed for weeks, as we entered the High Holidays, moved through them, and now truly begin our Jewish new year.  This Shabbat, we begin reading the Torah again with the first chapters of Genesis, parashat Bereishit.            We read of the beginnings of the universe, the

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Taking A Break

Taking A Break I recently accepted a position as Rabbanit at a synagogue in Toronto, the Beth Torah Congregation.  I am very honoured with this position, as my parents were among the founding members of this shul.  In light of my new community position, and with all the exciting new courses being offered this fall

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Being the Tooth Fairy Was Easy

Being the Tooth Fairy Was Easy When I was little, I believed in the Tooth Fairy.  Whenever I would lose a tooth, I would put it under my pillow, and in the morning I knew that one of my parents took the tooth and placed a nickel in its place.  I knew they wanted me

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