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Unique Women Throughout Jewish History

From the ancient world to the modern, Judaism has included unique women leaders who sit silently in our history.

Tu B'Shevat is Here!

Learn something new about Tu B’Shevat- the New Year of the Trees with some holiday resources.

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Dr. Rachael Turkienicz has championed inclusive and accessible Jewish education for more than 40 years, paving the way for a woman’s right to fully engage with all facets of Jewish study. Founder and Director of Rachael’s Centre for Torah, Mussar & Ethics, she continues to devote herself to building pluralistic, ethically driven communities of learning in Toronto and globally.

Rachael’s Thoughts on Shabbat Shirah

This Shabbat is Shabbat Shirah – the Shabbat of Song, and it’s filled with beautiful moments.  We have come safely through the Red Sea, the Egyptian army has perished, we take our first breath as a free nation, and we burst into song.  It’s a beautiful expression of joy, having just experienced the desperation of

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Chag Samaech for Tu B’Shevat

Chag Sameach!  In the ancient world we needed to know how old are the trees and the vegetation.  That way we would know when we’re allowed to harvest from nature for eating and sacrifices, and when we need to leave things alone.  In our modern world, we continue to celebrate this holiday and its perspective

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Bo

This week, in parashat Bo, we read of the conclusion of the plagues, as Israel prepares to leave Egypt. The people are told to ask their neighbours for some of their wealth before leaving, and, in fact, the riches of Egypt are shared with the Israelites. On a practical level, this puts closure to any future

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vaera

This week’s Torah reading, parshat Vaera, begins the narrative of Moses telling Pharaoh to send Israel from Egypt.  It is a recurring refrain in our text, ‘send My people out so they may worship Me in the wilderness’, says God.  The insistence that new beginnings must happen in the desert –a place with no constraints,

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Shemot

This week in our reading, parshat Shemot, we meet Moses, the person we know most about in Torah.  While one book of the Torah tells us of creation and our ancestors, the other four books happen during Moses’ lifetime.  We honour our ancestors for giving us the foundation of our Judaism, but it is Moses

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Rachael’s Thoughts on Parshat Vayechi

This week’s Torah reading, Vayechi, which means ‘And he lived,’ contains beautiful messages about life. Our patriarch, Jacob, spends seventeen years in Egypt, and we know that Joseph, his son, was seventeen years old when he was kidnapped. In essence, Jacob is gifted back the same number of years to spend with Joseph, to have a life

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