Classes at Rachael's Centre

Whether you are an avid learner or just beginning your journey, everyone is welcome. No previous study required. All times are Eastern Time.


Revisiting Genesis:
New Beginnings For a New Day

Wednesdays, May 13 – June 17, 2020 
11:00am-12:00pm    OR   7:30-8:30pm

6 sessions for $180 CAD

Join Dr. Rachael Turkienicz in examining Genesis and what it teaches us about b’riya hadasha, a time of new creation. With our eyes looking forward, this six-week, online lecture series examines  the lessons and opportunities that beginning anew can create. We will explore texts and concepts that include a Jewish view of God, gender, and world systems, looking at how our ancient texts speak with sharp relevance to our modern situation.

Rachael’s Centre is always looking for ways to  open our virtual doors as wide as possible.  Responding to the challenging economic times we all face together, we have  priced this series to reflect the moment. As an added bonus, please consider inviting a friend to join you for this new study and take advantage of our buy one, get one half off incentive. You will receive a discount code upon registration to share with your friend, or you can add them to your registration. Registration includes everyone in your household who would like to sit together and share the screen.

We invite high-school and post-secondary students to join us for $90, using discount code RCSTUDENT50.

The Voices of our Visionaries: Samuel & Our Kings

Tuesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

While we explore the stories of the prophet Samuel and king Saul, we see how the ancient world embraces David and why he has captured our hearts for thousands of years. Our sessions include biblical text, midrash and discussions of God and theology.

Mussar: Jewish Ethics in a Modern World

Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

We invite you to join us as we learn this ancient practice and methodology of empowerment through free will. We study ancient texts and share modern practical exercises that teach us about ourselves, our relationships, the understanding of balance and how we can effect repair in the world. A Jewish approach to answering the angst.

We always welcome new students to try one of these classes free of charge. 

Tuition for these courses is prorated as the semester progresses, please email for the most up to date pricing. 

Food for Our Neshama, Coffee for Me

Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays at 10:00 am

Join us three times a week, for a half hour of informal Jewish sharing. Rachael will always have a text, a legend, or a moment of Jewish humour to share while we all chat and offer our thoughts to each other. Bring an interesting mug and your favourite coffee brew, and come into our room for a coffee gathering.

Rachael’s Centre classes are recorded and may be used for publicity purposes in the future. This may include being repurposed as a media file shared with the public on our website or YouTube channel.
If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please turn off your camera and remove your last name from your screen name.

We are expanding our online study opportunities so you can join us from your own home, as we help everyone stay safe. Many of these new online programs will continue, long after we are able to reopen our physical doors, because building a pluralistic, Jewish study community around the world is paramount to us.

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