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Chag Purim Sameach!


Rachael’s Centre wishes you a Happy Purim! Please feel free to click the links below for some great Purim activities, video resources and more.

Videos from Rachael's Centre

Crazy Purim

The Battle Between Haman and Mordechai

Vashti & Esther: The Women of Purim

Drinking Until You Drop on Purim

It's Purim, not the Jewish Halloween

Blog Posts

And So This is Purim!

And So This is Purim! (Sung to the tune of John Lennon’s: “And So This is Christmas”…because it’s… Purim!) And so this is Purim, And what have we done? Another year over And a new one’s just begun. Let’s wear our Zoom filters And don our Zoom masks Let’s drink a L’chaim And swig from

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Does That Mean I’m Crazy? (A Blog for Purim)

The holiday of Purim is coming up in a few days.  It’s a holiday that baffles us because we don’t quite understand it’s contradictions.  Somehow, it’s a holy day but it seems to celebrate the mundane. Where’s the holy in the holiday?    By celebrating the mundane, I mean the ways in which we are to

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Crafts and Kids Activities


How to Make Hamentashen for Purim