Happy Pesach!

This week we are taking a break from our usual format and wanted to share with you Rachael’s insights for this year’s Pesach (Passover) seder from this morning’s coffee discussion. Come back next week for a new blog post from Rachael.

The following video is an unedited recording from our meeting this morning. The segment opens just after Rachael has greeted the group, with Rachael sharing an update that she is leading services for Beth Torah Congregation in Toronto throughout Pesach (Passover). This is available to anyone who would like to stream it. More information about that can be found on their website. The recording is about 12 minutes long and concludes with her usual invitation to the group to share their thoughts, we invite you to share yours in the comments on this post.

If you have not joined us for coffee and are interested, we meet at 10am ET on Zoom. The link is available on our homepage and we have an email reminder available through our newsletter. Our next Food For Our Neshama, Coffee For Me will be on Friday April 9th.

Please also visit our Passover Resource Hub for more thoughts on Passover, like how to incorporate mussar into your celebrations, digital haggadot, and musical playlists.

We wish you all a wonderful Pesach! Chag Kasher v’Sameach!